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OCTASPRING® HYBRID™ MATTRESS The new Octaspring® HYBRID™ mattress is a perfect way to experience unique Octaspring technology, combined with the conventional feel of pocket springs. A perfect hybrid of modern and traditional – cradling comfort of breathable memory foam Octaspring® springs, with the even weight distribution and great support offered by a layer of traditional pocket springs – a really great feel with medium firm support – truly the best of both worlds. Experience the extraordinary ventilation of a unique Octaspring® memory foam springs topped with layer of luxurious memory foam ensuring you enjoy deep muscle relaxation and truly rejuvenating sleep. This Octaspring® layer rests on top of a 3 zone pocket spring foundation, offering even weight distribution and a truly unique sleeping experience, which cools, comforts and cradles the body for a healthy and restful sleep…Welcome to Octaspring – sleep reinvented. The Octaspring® difference Octaspring is a truly ground-breaking sleep technology. Patented memory foam springs make the mattress 8 x more breathable than traditional memory foam. Breathable memory foam springs of different firmnesses are arranged in to zones to provide unmatched levels of support, flexibility and comfort across your entire body for a healthy, restful sleep. This incredible ‘memory foam spring’ technology cannot be found in any other mattress! 8 x more breathable than traditional memory foam Traditional memory foam mattresses cradle the body for great support however they are also known to be hot and humid. Without adequate ventilation, the sleep surface gets hot, causing you to perspire and your sleep to be disturbed. Octaspring® has been proven to be 8 x more breathable than traditional memory foam mattresses. The unique Octaspring® ventilation system provides a constant airflow – body movements push warm humid air out of the specially designed sides of the mattress, drawing fresh air back in, it’s like the Octaspring® actually breathes – providing a fresh healthy sleeping surface night after night giving the whole mattress that ‘clean sheets’ feeling. 8/10 people prefer the feel Comfort is not just about how soft or firm a mattress is, but about how the mattress structure supports your body, ensuring proper spine alignment and support for your back throughout the night. Independent tests have shown that eight out of ten people preferred the feel of Octaspring® to their own bed. Made from Octaspring® memory foam springs, the Octaspring® mattress performs like no other, cradling your body in complete comfort. Each individual Octaspring® spring dynamically conforms to the contours and movements of the body in all sleeping positions. Octaspring® springs function independently, offering customized support and immediate responsiveness. HYBRID™ Product specification Total Depth: 27cm Spring Layers: 2 Body Zones: 3 Comfort Rating: Medium/Firm Rotation: Head to toe Layer 1: Memory Foam Octaspring® springs topped with a luxury memory foam layer. 7cm Breathable Ecocell Layer 2cm Layer 2: Supportive 3 Zone Pocket Spring Layer 15cm Breathable Ecocell Layer 2cm Cover: Italian design Octaspring® cover with zip. Removable and washable at 30oC. 20 year warranty Octaspring® mattresses are made from the highest quality materials and manufactured to exacting standards. For this reason we are able to offer a 20 year limited warranty on our Octaspring HYBRID™ mattresses. Eco Promise The innovative design and technology of Octaspring® is consistent with the 21st century’s demands for a responsible approach towards the environment and its natural resources. We set an eco-objective for the production process of Octaspring mattresses to achieve a reduction in our eco footprint and achieved it both in manufacturing processes and by using environmentally friendly materials which are all suitable for recycling recyclable. 90cm (3’0″) – MRRP: £1009.99 Our Price: £671.99 135cm (4’6″) – MRRP: £1464.99 Our Price: £978.99 150cm (5’0″) – MRRP: £1679.99 Our Price: £1124.99 180cm (6’0″) – MRRP: £1889.99 Our Price: £1264.99 Prices stated are a combination of mattress and platform top divan bases. -You can choose from a selelction of fabrics for the base. -Call or email us to ask us about storage options – drawers, ottoman base etc…