Red Squirrel Doorstop


Ruby Red Squirrel Doorstop

The red squirrel is native to Great Britain, but its future is increasingly uncertain as the American grey squirrel expands its range across the country. There are estimated to be only 140,000 red squirrels left in Britain, with over 2.5 million greys.

This red squirrel called Ruby is a loyal companion, propping open your door for as long as you require.  She is a very attractive rodent with a pretty face and lovable character.

Ruby has a wonderfully soft and bushy faux fur tail that arches over her back. She is made from a rich red brocade fabric with a woven pattern in gold thread and has beige silk trim to her ears, eyes, snout and tummy.  Ruby is wearing a tasseled cord collar around her neck and is ready to sit poised at your door.

The doorstop is perfectly weighted to support most doors and will prevent them from slamming shut, making it a fabulous yet functional home accessory.

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