Maine Coon Cat Doorstop


Maine Coon Cat Doorstop

The Maine Coon is one of the largest domesticated breeds of cat and has a distinctive physical appearance and has a nickname of ‘the gentle giant’.
The long hair of our Maine Coon Cat Doorstop is sumptuous and soft, grey faux fur. She also has a bushy tail and furry, pointy ears.

Her paws are delicately embroidered and are made from a grey brocade fabric with a woven pattern in lemon coloured thread, as are her ears and snout. She has a cute embroidered nose and smile with flexible, coated cord whiskers.

This little beauty of a feline will sit looking rather majestic in any room, holding open your door as wide as you require and stopping it from closing shut.

Her attractive features make her a very popular choice for any cat-lover.

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