Jett the Collie


Jett the Border Collie Doorstop

“Come-bye Jett!” This loveable collie dog joins his pooch friends in our Pedigree Collection.
This adorable intelligent dog will obey the command of ‘sit’ when placed at the base of your door.

Perfectly weighted for the task in paw, Jett will remain in position holding that door open for you in your home. His lively and friendly face features bright eyes and poised ears pricked up ready for his next command. A black velveteen nose gives his cheeky face the finishing touch. He is sure to be adored by all those in your home and soon will be more than ‘just part of the furniture’.

Jett’s tactile grey toned dogtooth and cream fabrics will effortlessly blend with your décor yet add that eye-catching talking point.

As with all our Doorstops you can sit him at your doors whichever way you like, his soft finish, means he will never hurt your toes. What are you waiting for?!

Please call to check stock and availability.

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