Hootie Barn Owl Doorstop


Hootie Barn Owl Doorstop

The Barn Owl is famous for silently hunting in flight and swooping down on their prey unannounced.
This beautiful bird is represented lovingly in this wonderful design.

Hootie is finished in a beautiful, beige brocade fabric which has a gold pattern throughout its body, wings and tail.

Winter is a great time to look for Barn Owls yet with Hootie, you will have a wonderful sight to see at the foot of any door in your home to admire any time of the year.

The distinctive shape of this owl’s face is finished in a rich, gold fabric along with its tummy.  The big brown eyes have delicate embroidery around them and has a characteristic downward facing beak.
The large feet and long talons are made from felt fabric in light brown and black, giving this wonderful home accessory an element of sophisticated fun.

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