Highland Cow Draught Excluder


Angus Highland Cow Draught Excluder

This wonderfully appealing Scottish breed of cattle are renowned for their long horns and long wavy coats.

These characteristics are seen in this beautifully crafted draught excluder which will keep those cold breezes from entering your home when it is placed at your door.
There are six plush Highland Cows standing in a row, each with a cute embroidered face turning to give you a smile! 

Their faces are finished in a beige brocade fabric which has a woven pattern in a gold thread. 
Their noses, ears and horns are a soft and furry velveteen fabric and they each have a delightful long faux fur coat.

This charming draught excluder will be a real talking point among friends and family, making it the perfect addition to any home.

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