Highland Cow Doorstop


Fergus Highland Cow Doorstop

Fergus is joining the herd as an additional design to our Highland Cow range of Doorstops, Draught Excluders, Paperweights and Key Rings.

Together with Angus, these adorable characters resemble the Highland Cow which are a Scottish breed of cattle.

Known for their long shaggy coats, this Highland Cow is standing up to show off the full greatness of his incredibly soft and flowing faux fur.

His characteristic long horns give a lovable quality to his adorable face which is made from a rich brocade fabric woven with a pattern in gold thread.

The cheerful gaze from his round eyes underneath his fringe of faux fur will captivate all who pass by him as he stands firmly on his four legs to hold open your door.

A magnificent creature that would make an interesting feature in any home.

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