Egbert Dachshund


Egbert Dachshund Dog Doorstop

This short legged, long bodied breed of dog is popular with families in the UK.
Egbert Dachshund is taking a rest and sitting on his hind legs. He will sit at your door to hold it open, preventing it from slamming shut.

With a look of affection, Egbert watches over the room with his big brown eyes. His long, floppy ears resting either side of his handsome face and his waggy tail rests behind him.

Mimicking a black and tan variety of Dachshund, this doorstop is made from a durable, dark brown herringbone fabric on his body, ears and head combined with a light brown corduroy on his paws and face.  Egbert has a cute embroidered nose and wears a brown ribbon collar with white stitch detail.

A perfect addition to the home of any cherished sausage-dog owner, this home accessory would make a lovely gift. Or treat yourself to your very own miniature Dachshund to be your loyal companion as a decorative item of homeware.

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