Chester Schnauzer Doorstop


Chester the Schnauzer Terrier Dog Doorstop

This cheeky, chirpy chap Chester is just the pooch for your home. His high-quality finish and design unquestionably mark him as a schnauzer, and a very handsome one at that!

Like a real schnauzer his compact delicate frame sits square and neat, with his head held high and proud. Chester’s long angular mussel, eyebrows and folded over ears are true features of a Schnauzer. Designed and finished using a dark grey fabric with pinstripe detail combined with a soft grey herringbone fabric, the two fabrics give Chester a modern and fashionable finish. 

Just pop him at the base of your door and he will sit as commanded in place to hold your doorstop open or closed as you go about you day.

This breed of terrier is becoming ever more popular in the UK and we are delighted to introduce this new hound to sit alongside our adorable collection of Sugar Bear the miniature Schnauzer available in a Draught Excluder, Doorstop, Paperweight and Keying.

Please call to check stock and availability.

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