Bertie Hedgehog Doorstop


Bertie Bristles Hedgehog Doorstop

Hedgehogs are spiny, nocturnal creatures that live in the wild throughout the UK. They usually hibernate between November and March and they like to nest under things like hedges and sheds and need plenty of dry leaves to build their nest.

Bertie Bristles is inspired by our spiky companions that we can sometimes see in our garden if we are lucky.

Bertie is having a nice sit down, ready to take his place at your door to keep it propped open.
Instead of spikes he has super soft faux fur which makes him a favourite to stroke.

He is made from a beige brocade fabric, woven with a pattern in gold thread with beige silk trim for his claws. His sweet face will be popular with anyone who loves these creatures of British wildlife.

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