Angus Highland Cow


Angus Highland Cow Doorstop

One of our most popular designs is the Highland Cow. Angus here is seated, lazily waiting around for his herd.

Highland Cows are recognisable due to their shaggy coats and unmistakable long, powerful horns and they originate from the Highlands of Scotland in the UK.

Highland Cattle can live in extreme cold, heavy rainfall, powerful winds and on poor-quality land.
The stereotypical orange coat is visible on Angus, made from faux fur – it is incredibly soft to the touch.

The adorable face beneath his fringe of hair has a nose which is soft and furry as are his horns, ears and hooves.

Angus will sit at your door, propping it open to prevent it from slamming shut and he will provide a special, cute and cuddly aspect to your interior style.

Please call to check stock and availability.

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